The Roraima Fund

The Roraima Fund wishes to support suitable projects from across the political  spectrum in Guyana.  In recent years we have widened our areas of interest to include economic, social and educational projects which develop important leadership and organisational skills.

Projects usually last for 1 year or less with budgets of not more than GYD $750,000.

If you have an idea for a project then here are the steps to follow.

  Make initial contact:  Send us an e-mail or phone us about your idea.
  Get our feedback:  We will let you know real soon if your idea is appropriate for support from The Roraima Fund and send detailed, application guidelines.
  Make an application:  Prepare and submit a formal, written project application which describes your idea and deals with aims, time-lines, costs, measures of success and the risks that may affect your project.
  Project approval:  Congratulations!  Your project has been approved for funding.
  Initiation and Funding:  We agree start dates and a schedule for the release of funds and the project can start.
  Prepare an interim report:  Submit a brief report on progress about half-way through the project.  Let us know if any problems are causing trouble so we can help.
  The final report:  When you’re done submit a final report.  We’d like to be able to use suitably anonymised excerpts on this web-site and for other publicity.
  Review and prospects:  Together we will review your project and brainstorm the way forward and your next idea!



Initial contact:  Get in touch

Feedback: We’ll let you know if it’s appropriate

Application:  The formal project application

Project approval:  Congrats, your project has been approved!

Initiation and Funding:  The project starts ...

Interim report:  Submit a brief report on progress

Final report:  Your complete report.

Review and prospects:  How did you do and what will follow?


David Pollard

Tel: +44 7776 192 887